9 Gorgeous Interior Decor Ideas to Help You Ace the Art Deco Style

9 Gorgeous Interior Decor Ideas to Help You Ace the Art Deco Style

Art Deco interior design became popular among people during the 1920s and 1930s. Also, it remains an evergreen and luxurious choice when it comes to interior decor. Art decor can be characterized by its bold colors, designs, and more. Are you ready to change your interior design game? So, Let’s start with the 9 gorgeous Art Deco interior designs.

What is Art Deco Style?

Art Deco

It’s difficult to pinpoint the origin of the term Art Deco architecture, but it’s known to have its roots in France. The French word Deco literally translates to Decorative art. While most people associate the term with interior design, Art Deco has a wide range of meanings. It can be applied to architecture, painting, and even fashion.

Some Beautiful Elements of Art Deco Interior Designs

If you’re a statement maker, then you’re going to love Art Deco. It’s loud and flashy, and it can easily overpower any other style. Plus, it’s easy to incorporate Art Deco into other design styles. You can incorporate the following elements into your design plan:

  • Colors
    Art Deco colors are bold and eye-catching. They are often combined with metallics such as chromium, silver, gold, and stainless steel. Yellow, red, blue, pink, and black are some of the most common deco colors. You can also use neutral colors with polished wood or lacquer.
  • Furniture
    Art Deco is characterized by its large size, simplicity, and lack of detail. It is distinguished by items with tortoiseshell inlays, enormous consoles, sideboards, and armchairs with gold and chrome borders.
  • Fabric
    If you’re an art deco aficionado, you can bring this style to life by using textures such as velvet and leather, women’s colors such as lilac and floral prints, solid colors, and geometric fabrics for furniture upholstery.
  • Lightning
    Art Deco decor is a popular way to incorporate geometric and symmetrical patterns into your space, with lighting fixtures being a key element in this style.

9 Gorgeous Art Deco Interior Designs

We have made things easier for you. Below are the 9 stunning Art Deco Styles for your home. Go through each one and use them to change your styling game.

1. Play Around with Patterns

In the Art Deco style, different types of patterns are used while still maintaining a sense of symmetry. The goal is to use different patterns in a bold and eye-catching way. When it comes to Art Deco keep these tips in mind.

  • Always look for geometric shapes.
  • Go for patterns like trapezoids, chevrons, and zigzags.

2. Go Crazy with Animal Prints

The best and safest way to go crazy with animal prints is to use them as a furniture fabric. Animal prints can add a retro vibe to your furniture. You can find these fabrics in local furniture stores. Moreover, you can choose any animal print like black and white zebra skin or leopard prints; it is totally up to you. You just need to paste it on your sofa, and tables, and congrats, you have successfully turned your simple furniture into an Art Deco Furniture.

3. Add Plants

Plants are not that common in the Art Deco Style. However, green is one of the primary colors of this style, and what better way to add a touch of green to your home than with fresh or fake plants? You can add tall plants near your sofa or bookshelves, this can literally change the whole vibe of your space.

4. Add Glitzy Lighting

Don’t worry about spending a fortune on statement art deco lighting or a fancy chandelier. This is the simplest way to bring the bohemian 20s back to your home. Moreover, the more ornate your lighting is, the more fun and eclectic your living room or dining room will become. Furthermore, add some warm-tone lights to your dining area and kitchen and see the difference.

5. Use Jewel Tones

Without a doubt, no interior decor tips would be complete without the right color palette. If you’re looking to design your home in an Art Deco style, go for plush, glamorous jewel tones such as emerald green or royal blue. Or, if you’re going for a bold and vibrant look, go for orange, red, or yellow. And if you want to add a touch of opulence, go for gold or silver accents.

6. Add Metallic Touch

All that sparkles is gold, brass, or silver. Metallic finishes are an important part of the Art Deco style. However, if you don’t want to overdo it, use metallic finishes such as gold and brass for your fittings and accessories. This will add a touch of luxury. For example, add golden handles in your almirah, golden taps, and more.

7. Make a Statement Mirror Wall

Mirrors, especially mirror frame designs, can add a touch of art deco to any room. Choose a large mirror with a gold geometric carving border and you’re good to go. A mirror can be used to make a room look larger, but it can also be used to enhance your décor. Moreover, a mirror can make that one wall of your space the center of attraction. You can mirror it at the entrance of your home, or in the living area.

8. Mix Décor and Antique Pieces Together

Art Deco Antiques Mixing is a fun way to add a touch of Art Deco to your interiors. Mix and match geometric art deco furniture and décor with older, classic pieces to create an eye-catching contrast. Moreover, this combination adds character and dimension to your space and celebrates the beauty of different design eras.

9 .Add Rugs

Rugs are an essential part of Art Deco interiors. They add warmth, dimension, and sophistication to a space. When choosing rugs, opt for rich designs, such as Oriental flowers or geometric patterns. You can also choose some vintage theme rugs. Vintage theme can never go out of fashion era. The vintage theme is evergreen and the safest option to choose.

For more inspiration and ideas on how to incorporate Art Deco style into your home, explore interior design websites and consider consulting with an interior decoration company. With the right combination of elements, you can create a stunning Art Deco-inspired interior that is both timeless and on-trend.

Wrapping Up

Adding a touch of Art Deco to your interior design can make your space look glamorous and timeless. Play with bright colors, geometric shapes, and statement furniture, and throw in a few antique pieces, and you’ll be able to capture the allure of the Art Deco style in your home. Here are nine design ideas that will help you achieve the look of Art Deco in your home.

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